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YAG Capsulotomy

One of the most common surgeries today is cataract surgery, which Dr. Richard Chu has performed on thousands of patients over the years. In general, cataract surgery leads to a greater improvement in color contrast and clarity almost immediately. However, some patients may experience temporary side effects that can fade over a few months, yet others might develop posterior capsule opacification.

For those who have had cataract surgery, their cataract surgeon or eye doctor generally reviews how the natural lens of the eye has developed over time cataracts, which cloud up the eye’s lens. Similar to the way a windshield can fog up and hide the road. In a standard cataract surgery, the natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens, and all of the cataracts or build-up is cleaned out.

When posterior capsule opacification occurs, another treatment is necessary called YAG capsulotomy. During cataract surgery, the artificial lens that is inserted is typically made of plastic and placed inside the eye’s lens membrane or capsule. After the artificial lens is inserted, the eye’s capsule may thicken and cloud up your vision.

The YAG Capsulotomy treatment is quick and simple. A small laser treatment creates a small hole in the center of the capsule allowing light to enter. This treatment will remove the cloudy layer and restore your vision to how it was after the surgery.

This straightforward surgery is largely successful, where most people can return home afterward.

In extremely rare cases, patients may develop swelling or macular oedema, Which may lead to bloating or distorted vision.

Any symptoms such as pain, the appearance of floaters or lights, loss of vision or redness of the eye may require urgent treatment.

Contact EYEWORKS if you experience any of these symptoms or visit your nearest emergency room.

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