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Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses: Bring Your Point Of View to Social Media

Ray-Ban and Facebook have announced the launch of their new collaboration: Ray-Ban Stories. These smart glasses offer the wearer the ability to record the world from their point of view in photos and videos and share it with friends and family through social media. Wearers can also make phone calls and listen to music.

Let’s take a deeper dive, and see everything Ray-Ban Stories has to offer.

Style and Design

Ray-Ban Stories glasses are designed to bring you multimedia and social media experiences in a compact wearable package.

They’re offered in 20 different styles, including some signature Ray-Ban frames, and available in 5 different colors, with a range of lenses including transition, sun, clear and prescription.

Within these frames, Ray-Ban and Facebook have built in:

  • a set of micro-speakers for phone calls
  • 3 mini-microphones that can be used for calls and audio recording for videos
  • two 5-megapixel cameras
  • an optimized Snapdragon processor
  • and more…

Ray-Ban designed these frames to be worn all day long, so they include a specially designed portable recharging case. At full charge, your Stories smart glasses can be used continuously for up to three days.

Videos, Photos, Phone Calls and Social Integrations

You can use the Stories’ two 5-megapixel cameras to take photos or up to 30 seconds of video either by pressing the capture button or by using Facebook Assistant voice commands. The 3-microphone array also allows for quality recorded sound in your videos and while speaking on the phone.

The glasses are integrated with Facebook View, an Android and iOS-compatible app, that allows you to share photos and videos directly with your friends and family online. You can import, edit and share all your content to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Facebook View also allows you to add a number of exclusive Facebook enhancements to your content before posting.

Integration with your smartphone also allows you to save content and edit from there if you prefer.

For sound during phone calls, Stories employ background suppressing algorithms and Beamform technology.

All of this makes for an advanced, fashionable option for those in the market for smart glasses.

Want to know more about Ray-Ban Stories? Contact today.


What are Ray-Ban Stories’ privacy features?

All images and videos captured by the device are encrypted so that only you can see them. As an added feature, each pair of Ray-Ban Stories can only be linked to a single account at a time. This means that if your glasses are lost or stolen, and someone tries to link them to their own phone and account, the images and videos from your account are no longer accessible.

The integrated Facebook View app allows you to customize your personal preferences, including where and when content you record with your device is shared, and where your content is stored for editing and later viewing.

To help respect the privacy of others, the glasses feature a button to turn the microphones and cameras off, as well as a hardwired LCD light that indicates when the glasses are recording.

What information do Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses gather about me?

By default, Ray-Ban Stories glasses gather only very basic information.

This information includes the username and password linked to your Facebook account and wifi connectivity (to keep you linked to the Facebook View App), the device’s battery status and information on your linked email account.

The user is able to opt-in to sharing other information, such as the amount of time spent recording, in order to help in the further development of the glasses and the app. However, opting-in is not required to enjoy either Ray-Ban Stories or Facebook View.

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