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" Happy Patients Are Talking About CHU EYE INSTITUTE! "

chu eye institute

"I do believe I’ve found a home..."

The Eye Doctors and Technicians at Eyeworks are extremely knowledgeable, caring, professional and personable. I love how they work with you to make sure you are getting the right contact prescription especially since I have complications with my eyes. Speaking of those complications, the Eye Doctors are very good at looking for and testing work arounds until they find what best fits your needs. In my case, we are having to work around a severe cataract that is unusual for my age.

Recently I experienced a eye health situation. They fit me in same day, were very cordial upon my arrival. No feelings that I was troubling them at all. The Eye technician and Doctor were thorough in the exam, diagnosis and prescription. After several years of looking for an eye doctor to care for my sight needs, I do believe I’ve found a home. I highly recommend them.

Julia S. -

chu eye institute

"Would recommend them to anybody needing their services..."

Everything from the time my wife and I walked in the door until we left was 100% professional. They handled our exam, our insurance paperwork, frames, and finally the finished glasses and fitting. It was a good experience. Lisa did a great job helping my wife and I pick out frames and did the final fitting. All personal my wife and I encountered were fun and easy to work with. Would recommend them to anybody needing their services.

Catherine S. -

chu eye institute"I trust everyone in this practice, but I usually request Dr. Robert Chu..."

Because of his specialties. He listens and he explains everything so perfectly so there is never a doubt as to what I need to do for my eye health. The staff is exceptional. You need only to glance at the numerous certifications, diplomas and awards (many of which are mounted on their wall) to know you are in the best care possible. I have recommended so many to Dr. Chu and Associates and everyone has had the same wonderful opinion and positive experiences as myself. We are blessed to have them in our community.

Debra L. -

chu eye institute"I am extremely satisfied with the service I received..."

I have seen 5 eye care doctors since 2003 and out of all the eyecare doctors eyeworks ranks at the top for me. My vision has not improved over the past 8 years but it has gotten worse. So after visiting with the staff and doctor at eyeworks I immediately realized that this company was not just trying to make a sale. I am overly confident that after all my services are completed I will be more than satisfied because they have provided me with solutions to improve my vision.

Donovan T. -

chu eye institute Tanglewood mom lasik with dr richard and dr robert"I am very pleased with the overall price and quality of my choice...."

I was pleased with how thorough and time-efficient my eye exam was. Dr. Chu is friendly and gives quick yet thorough feedback during eye exams. I was also pleased with how quickly I was able to choose a good-looking pair of frames for my glasses prescription. Prices of frames were marked high, but with insurance and discount the sales associate gave me, I am very pleased with the overall price and quality of my choice.

Juan P. -

chu eye institute"Excellent Customer Service...."

I've been a customer of Eyeworks for over 10 years and I can honestly say that they only offer outstanding and professional services in every capacity of the business. They are the best in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex!

Kathy L. -

chu eye institute"Based on my experience I look for opportunities to refer people to your office...."

I have worn glasses for 45 years. This is my second pair of glasses from Eyeworks and these have been the best experiences I have ever had. Every aspect, from the front desk, exam and selection of frames it was customer focused. A special thanks to Javier who I think saw I was compromising myself on the frames that were in stock, he came and asked questions and ordered 5 frames to pick from my description and I am getting what I was looking for. Based on my experience I look for opportunities to refer people to your office.

Kenneth A. -

chu eye institute"The staff in all areas of your business were very friendly and welcoming...."

The technician who conducted my testing was through and so kind. The optometrist who met with me was thorough and informative and very approachable. I appreciated Daniel's input when he was assisting me in selecting my frames. He was very genuine and honest when I asked him for his opinion which helped me in selecting the right frame for me.

Kim B. -

chu eye institute"I really loved Dr. Richard Chu...."

He was very friendly, informative, and jovial. Usually, I feel like eye doctors can be grumpy and upset that I'm there and he seemed really excited and happy to be there and doing the work he does. The nurses are pretty nice, too, but I always feel a little shuffled around when getting all those x-rays and tests. The receptionist ladies were pretty much amazing and again, very informative.

Lauren G. -

chu eye institute"I have been going to Eyeworks for the past 7+ years and I trust their care....."

Both of the Chu's (Mother and Son) give very thorough eye exams. I haven't had to go back to correct the prescription as they have always gotten it right the first time. All of the employees at Eyeworks seem to love their work and are always very friendly and smiling. Michael Harvey, manager of the optometry department is the real reason I keep going back to get my glasses there. He is honest with his selection of frames for individuals and helpful in "tweeking" the angle of frames so that they look better on your face. He goes above and beyond to get them to you as soon as possible. I highly recommend Eyeworks and I personally will not go anywhere else.

Lindy D. -

chu eye institute"It really was the best experience I have ever had as a new patient at any doctor's office......"

The service I received was outstanding. I cannot begin to tell you how great my first experience was at EyeWorks. I came to EyeWorks after having a bad experience at another eyecare business just the day before. At EyeWorks, I was greeted with a smile and the staff was so friendly and sincere. Having astigmatism has typically meant experiencing some difficulty with contact lens fitting. But, Dr. Mor nailed my prescription with ease in no time at all really. I was very impressed with that and she took as much time as I needed to answer any questions. When it was time to look at glasses, Mary was so nice and patient to help me with selecting frames for glasses. Everyone was willing to serve with a smile and there was never any sales pressure to purchase anything. I will recommend to anyone to visit EyeWorks. It really was the best experience I have ever had as a new patient at any doctor's office. The entire staff was absolutely wonderful.

Richard H. -

chu eye institute"Dr. Robert Chu and his entire team are top notch......"

I'm impressed not only with the state-of-the-art equipment, but the knowledge of the team and their willingness to describe what they are doing and why they are doing it. They have an excellent selection of frames from which to choose at prices that are competitive with anyone around. I didn't have to walk in being an expert on my eye insurance benefits because they are and explained everything to me very thoroughly. I highly recommend EYEWORKS - Southlake, you will be glad what you did.

Tina Y. -

chu eye institute"My family has been going to Eyeworks in Southlake for a number of years now......"

They treat us just like family and I cannot imagine going anywhere else for our eye needs. They have gotten to know my children over the years and are so patient!! This last visit, in particular, was noteworthy. We were running late from school and their attitudes were so kind and understanding. They did not rush us at all, but instead took time to make sure that they explained all of the specifics around the examinations of both of my boys and made sure that they found glasses they liked that also looked good on them. I truly appreciate this business and will always go out of my way to continue as a customer there.

Vernon H. -

chu eye institute"I absolutely LOVE the women who work the front desk......"

Both Johannah and "G" have gone above and beyond to help me and my kids over the years. They both are very friendly--and we don't feel like just regular customers--we feel like we are family. Dr. Robert Chu is awesome. He ALWAYS takes the time to explain what is going on with our eyes. His office takes pictures each year at our annual checkups and he will always explain the photos and point out what makes our eyes healthy--and what are things we need to be aware of. Our entire family goes to them for our checkups--and we've been there for about 11 years now.

Rachel C. -

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