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Dr. Robert Chu, Top Minority Business Leader of 2020

Another Win! Eyeworks Won Best Optometrist with 360 West!

Dr. Robert Chu, Top Minority Business Leader of 2020

2020 - Top Minority Business Leader

Congratulations to Dr. Robert Chu for being honored as a top Minority Business Leader in the field of healthcare by the Dallas Business Journal for 2020! Dr. Chu has made a lasting impact to North Texas through his work both inside and outside the EYEWORKS GROUP clinics.

Dr. Richard Chu on being named a 360 West top doctor for 2019

2019 - 360 West Top Doctor For 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Chu on being named a 360 West top doctor for 2019! (February 2019)

Dr. Richard Chu for being named to Fort Worth Magazine's top doctor for 2019!

2019 - Fort Worth Magazine's Top Doctor For 2019!

Congratulations to Dr. Richard Chu for being named to Fort Worth Magazine's top doctor for 2019!


2017 - EYEWORKS at Ft. Worth Business Press

  • Dr. Robert Chu, OD elected to the VSP Global Board of Directors
  • Dr. Danny Matthew, OD appointed as VSP State Professional Representative
  • Fort Worth Sister Cities - Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Cultural District Alliance - Board of Directors (BOD)

7th Street building complete – Michael Bennett and Brandon Burns, AIA



EYEWORKS / Chu Eye Institute expands to a 3rd location in Ft. Worth at West 7th.

Dr. Robert & Dr. Richard Chu on Healthcare Heroes

Click here to view the entire article & doctor spotlights.


Fort Worth Business Press 40 Under 40
Dr. Robert Chu

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Dr. Lena Chu, Women in Business Winner
(Dallas Business Journal/Jake Dean)

dr richard chu with lasik patient 640x640


LASIK Patient with Dr. Richard Chu.

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Patient in surgery with Dr. Richard Chu.

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Latest LASIK Surgery in Ft. Worth is at EYEWORKS

Today, Dr. Richard Chu utilizes the Star S4 IR Laser, the latest and most advanced excimer laser model produced by Johnson & Johnson.

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Christmas time at EYEWORKS / Chu Eye Institute.

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Dr. Robert Chu published in Optometric Management Magazine.

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EYEWORKS Group selected to receive the only two Cartier Eyewear Concept Boutiques in North Texas.



  • Dr. Lena Chu named to Board of Directors, North Texas Eye Research Institute at University of North Texas Health Sciences Center at Fort Worth, Texas
  • Electronmicroscopy Suite named in honor of Dr. Lena Chu and Robert Chu, Sr. at University of North Texas Health Sciences Center at Fort Worth, Texas
  • ‘Seeds of Change Award’ honored by Nashville Shares
    • Annually, the Nashville Shares organization honors individuals based on contributions to the greater Nashville community.
  • American Red Cross Award for Outstanding Service
    • The Red Cross in Nashville, Tennessee honors local individuals based on contributions to the efforts of the Red Cross.
  • ‘Commodore Award’ for Outstanding Student Leader (Pre-Professional/Honorary).
  • As a student at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Robert was selected based on contributions to the greater university community. He was honored for his work as President of Skull & Bones Pre-Health Association for instilling the organization with volunteerism.


  • Named exclusive Zeiss Ophthalmic lens PARTNER lab in Fort Worth
  • Prevent Blindness, Board of Directors
  • Named Retrospecs & Co. vintage American eyewear exclusive dealer Tarrant county
  • Chu Eye Associates featured in an article on Orthokeratology, a corneal reshaping technology that allows patients to achieve 20/20 vision without corrective lenses. (Fort Worth Magazine)
  • Featured Practitioner, EyeMaginations, Inc. Patient Education Software. Baltimore, MD.
  • Gold Key International Optometric Leadership Honor Society
  • Alcon Pharmaceuticals Clinical Excellence Award,
  • American Optometric Association Award for Outstanding Student Leadership,
  • Dr. Nelson Reber EYE OPEN Professional Award
  • Dr. Berger and Dr. Spitzberg “In Focus Service Award”
Eyeworks Optical
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At the Hispanic Wellness Fair, we had lines of patients receiving the eye exams with advanced eye care technology & digital imaging.

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Hispanic Wellness Fair, Vision Screenings were performed for over 500 indigent patients, plus many children were evaluated based on their eyes' functionality and coordination skills.

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Fort Worth Location

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Chu Eye Associates founded by Dr. Lena Chu.

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Young Dr. Robert & Dr. Richard.

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Dr. Lena Chu graduated from optometry school.

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TOP DOCS Magazine

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Make a Spectacle


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Invisible Art


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Be Inspired


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