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How Are Scleral Lenses Different From Other Contact Lenses?

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Scleral lenses are different from any other lenses on the market and have a few features that help them stand out from the rest. If you’ve wondered why scleral lenses are gaining popularity, read on to learn what makes them unique and who they’re meant for.

      1. Their Size

Scleral lenses have a considerably larger diameter (19-24mm) than standard lenses (14-16mm). This allows the edges of scleral lenses to rest gently on the white part of the eye, vaulting over the sensitive cornea — the clear surface of the eye that covers the iris. Their large size and rigid shape also make them easier to handle for most patients than standard soft lenses.

      2. They Promote Healing

Scleral lenses contain a reservoir of nourishing fluid in between the lens and the eye. This allows  oxygen to pass freely through the lens while protecting a large portion of the eye from irritants. This setup creates the ideal environment for healing, such as after corneal surgery or injury.

      3. They’re Dry Eye Friendly

Many patients find that the dryness, irritation and redness that accompany dry eye syndrome make it difficult, even impossible to wear standard contact lenses. Scleral lenses are ideal for patients with dry eye syndrome because they provide the ocular surface with continual moisture. People with mild to severe dry eye syndrome are able to comfortably wear scleral lenses all day with ease.

      4. They’re Ideal For Corneal Abnormalities

Scleral lenses put no pressure on the sensitive corneal tissue, making them ideal for people with corneal abnormalities like keratoconus or astigmatism. In fact, the rigid lens material filled with fluid acts as a new, artificial cornea that focuses light more accurately than the patient’s natural cornea. Patients with hard-to-fit eyes are often told that they can’t wear standard contact lenses, and even eyeglasses may not be effective to correct their vision. Scleral lenses are sometimes the only option.

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