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3 Facts About iLASIK

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Tired of dealing with ripped contact lenses or foggy glasses? It might be time to consider iLASIK surgery to correct vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. With new technological advancements, iLASIK offers even more benefits than traditional LASIK.

Here are 3 facts about iLASIK to consider when thinking about laser eye surgery.

iLASIK Is Bladeless

One of the reasons iLASIK is the preferred choice: it doesn’t require a blade to create the corneal flap needed to correct your vision. In iLASIK, a high definition laser is used instead of a blade.

In contrast, LASIK surgeons use a microkeratome blade to create a tiny flap in the corneal tissue to allow light to focus properly on the retina. While the use of a blade is often very successful, there is a higher risk of developing complications when the surgeon uses a blade and not a laser


Less Risks Arise With iLASIK Surgery

As with any procedure, there are risks involved that doctors will discuss with you before surgery.

With iLASIK, the 3D tracking of the laser creates a flap that is perfectly adjusted to your cornea’s characteristics and dimensions, making it safer and more effective.

In LASIK, most complications occur when creating the corneal flap. If it isn’t cut perfectly, the flap can fail to fasten back to the eye, creating distorted vision or optical aberrations.

Custom iLASIK Is More Effective

iLASIK is 100% customizable. It gives patients a better chance of achieving 20/20 vision or better! iLASIK is able to treat patients with both lower and higher-order aberrations, while LASIK is only capable of treating lower-order aberrations.

Higher-order aberrations are micro-sized imperfections in the corneal layer of your eye. If these imperfections are not adequately factored in during your laser surgery, they may affect your visual clarity and reduce your ability to see in low light situations. This causes visual distortions such as halos, glare, blurry vision, and double vision.

iLASIK allows eye care professionals to improve the results of laser eye surgery as much as possible, giving their patients expert care and quality-assured results.

Interested in iLASIK? Contact Eyeworks in Ft. Worth to get more information and book a consultation today!

At Eyeworks, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 817-346-7077 or book an appointment online to see one of our Ft. Worth eye doctors.

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