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Lifechanging, From Blind to Clear Vision after Cataract Surgery in Ft Worth, TX

Couldn't ask for anything better. I can't tell you how I feel. It's like I hit the summit, climbed mount Everest and won! Really, so many years not seeing, and I thought I was going blind. I really did. I thought I was going to be in a dark grey world the rest of my life until I met you. And I thank Dr Russ for sending me here. It was a Gd send. My daughter picked me up the other day from the medical plaza. She had question upon question about the surgery. "But mother!" she said. "Why didn't they do something before!"

Well, God had a reason for putting me on this path, and I'm just grateful. I can't

I can't tell you how good it feels and how happy I am to be able to see and read. I gave up reading and doing anything. Watching TV. I'd listen to it, but I gave up watching it because it was all a blur, looking grey.

But, with your guidance and help, you have renewed my faith. I feel like I hit the summit of Mt Everest and finally reached the top. I'm free and I can see. I put my glasses in the donation box because I'm not wearing glasses not again.

I was a +7, very farsighted. My first glasses weren't so bad, but as I went on, my glasses got so thick. This is what we called coke bottle glasses. When I was a kid and made fun of those coke bottle glasses, and here I lived it. It was an experience I had.

Thanks to you, the technology, I know that anybody I talk to, I will tell them that Chu Eye Institute. If they need surgery, I'll tell them don't be scared. See Dr Richard. You are an angel. You do it and do it right, and i appreciate it very much.

Your staff, I can't tell you enough about them. I saw Mark, Philip, Melissa, everybody. Even Sabrina and the lady up front were extremely nice - a great crew. Do what you do to keep every one of them.

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