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Ortho-k for Kids

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All About Orthokeratology and Kids Eye Care

Does your child wear glasses or contact lenses? Is their vision prescription worsening regularly, at a pace that’s too fast for you to keep up? Ortho-k may be the solution.

Orthokeratology, ortho-k for short, refers to the process of wearing contact lenses overnight to correct vision. In the morning, your child removes the specialized ortho-k lenses to see clearly – no prescription eyewear needed! Not only does this upgrade the convenience of daily living, but ortho-k can also slow down myopia progression so your child’s prescription stops deteriorating so rapidly.

We perform precise fittings for ortho-k as a part of our kids eye care services in Ft. Worth, Southlake, and Downtown, Texas. Schedule a consultation to find out whether your child is a good candidate for ortho-k.

Ortho-k Optimizes Eye Care for Kids

Not only does ortho-k help you avoid the cost of buying new glasses or contacts for your nearsighted child every year, but it can also help protect their eyes from an increased risk of eye disease in the future. Progressive myopia in kids has been linked with the development of serious ocular problems later on, such as macular degeneration and retinal detachment. With two-fold benefits, ortho-k addresses both nearsightedness and the future health of your child’s vision.

Don’t Let Myopia Get in the Way of Your Kid’s Success

When kids don’t see clearly because of worsening nearsightedness, it can jeopardize their ability to learn well and play sports. Self-esteem can be a challenge for children who see well with eyeglasses but don’t feel good about their appearance. Ortho-k can help boost your child’s potential to succeed in all areas of life.

Maximize the Benefits of Ortho-k

Like all healthcare treatments and techniques, there are always risks involved – especially if you don’t adhere to safety guidelines. With ortho-k and kids eye care, the main risk is eye infection, which can be prevented by following these instructions:

  • Make sure kids wash their hands with soap before handling the lenses
  • Use only approved contact lens care products to clean and store ortho-k lenses
  • Never use tap water on lenses
  • Book an eye exam immediately if you notice any redness, swelling, or eye irritation – and don’t wear the ortho-k lenses in the meantime

To help your child on a path to success in school and in life, start with a pediatric eye exam at Eyeworks, with three conveniently located optometry practices in Ft. Worth, Southlake, and Downtown, Texas.

At Eyeworks, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 817-346-7077 or book an appointment online to see one of our Ft. Worth eye doctors.

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