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Top 6 Benefits of LASIK

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What makes LASIK so popular?

Since the mid-1990s, when LASIK was first approved by the FDA, it has continued to rise in popularity. By now, millions of people in the US have had LASIK in order to be free from glasses and contact lenses forever. And as many high-profile celebs and athletes rave about their LASIK experiences, this type of vision correction surgery has become even trendier.

Still wondering about the advantages of LASIK? Visit us at one of our eye care centers in Ft. Worth, Southlake, and Downtown, Texas, to ask your questions! Our eye doctors near you are experienced and knowledgeable about LASIK, and happy to provide answers.

What’s there to love about LASIK?

In general, people are excited about the opportunity to see clearly without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Along with this general benefit, look at some additional features that everyone loves about LASIK:

Quick and Safe

Typically, LASIK takes only 10-15 minutes per eye, and it is considered very safe. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology completed a 10-year study in 2006 that reported the high safety level of LASIK.

Immediate Results

LASIK is performed by reshaping your cornea beneath a thin corneal flap that the surgeon lifts. This flap allows the surface of the cornea to stay intact, which lets you see well and comfortably as soon as the next day – with no prescription glasses or contacts. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that their vision has improved from the moment they sit up after this laser eye surgery!


During and after LASIK, most people experience minimal discomfort. Your eye surgeon will apply numbing eye drops before the procedure. Afterwards, it is common to feel a slight sensation of grittiness in your eyes for a few hours, but any discomfort is usually alleviated by aspirin or ibuprofen.

Fast Recovery

No stitches or bandages are typically needed after LASIK, and healing is quick because only the inner part of the cornea was affected. Most people find they can return to their normal routine about 24 hours later.

New Career & Activity Options

To qualify for certain types of employment, such as the Air Force and Navy, you must have perfect vision. After LASIK, these careers become a possibility for many people who were not candidates previously. Also, some activities – cycling, skydiving, and swimming – are much easier to do once you can see without eyeglasses or contacts!

Future Vision Adjustments

If your vision changes again after LASIK, adjustments can be made anytime – even years later.

Your eyes are unique – and so are your LASIK benefits

The specific benefits of LASIK vary from person to person, depending on your lifestyle and the reasons for doing the surgery. If you’re interesting in learning more, reach out to our eye doctors in Ft. Worth, Southlake, and Downtown, Texas – with three locations, we have a convenient eye care center near you!

At Eyeworks, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 817-346-7077 or book an appointment online to see one of our Ft. Worth eye doctors.

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